Curriculum Vitae

Pablo Ruiz Molina
Professional Profile

Telecommunication Engineer with broad experience in underwater acoustics, electronics, signal processing, network protocols, programming software and web development.

Gráfico expertise

Professional Experience
Naval Technology Center (CTN)
Technical Researcher and Project Technical Manager
Feb 2009 – Present
  • Development, control, monitoring and start up projects on Underwater Wireless Communications.
    • Feasibility study for the establishment of a line of excellence in underwater acoustic (VIACSUB).
    • Implementing an electronic stage for the adequacy of the signal in underwater sensor netwoks (REDACSUB).
    • Feasibility study of a wireless communication network underwater 2D (REC2DIS).
  • Development, control, monitoring and start up projects on Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM).
    • Technical assistance in environmental impact of underwater noise on BIMEP construction project. (AZTI)
    • Improving spending of the feed in aquaculture farms by an Intelligent Control System for Food through passive acoustic.
    • Support for the development of a monitoring program for ongoing assessment of the descriptor 11 of the MSFD to the Spanish Institute Of Oceanography.
    • Partner in European Project: Next generation, Cost-effective, Compact, Multifunctional Web Enabled Ocean Sensor Systems Empowering Marine, Maritime and Fisheries Management (NEXOS).
  • Implementation of IEC 60565:2006 (Underwater acoustics – hydrophones – Calibration in the frequency range 0.01 Hz to 1 MHz)
    • Development of an innovative absorbent material to underwater acoustics.
    • Anechoic tank for calibrating M3i sounder.
  • Project development based in Web Technologies (Java / Tapestry, WordPress and Prestashop. Knowledge of SEO).
    • Development of Spanish Maritime Cluster website (
  • Maintenance of TCP / IP, Windows 2003 Server, XP, Win7, Ubuntu and Ubuntu Server.
  • Preparation of R&D projects for public calls, regional, national and European.
  • Preparation of articles of interest to the sector and surveillance technology studies.
Technische Universität München (TUM)
External Worker “BMW subsidiary Forschung und Technik GmbH in association with the group “Elektrotechnic und Informationstechnik” of TUM.”
Nov 2007 – Jul 2008
  • Participation in the project IT_Motive, headed by Dipl.-Ing. Michael Eichhorn, which developed the “Diplomarbeit” entitled: “Realtime Streaming of camera input and overlay with a driver assistance function.”
PhD in course
“Contribution to the communication architecture of nodes of low complexity for underwater wireless communications”

Technical School of Telecommunication Engineering – Polytechnic University of Cartagena (Spain)

Doctoral Advisors:

  • Antonio Javier García Sánchez
  • Joan García-Haro
September 2011
Paper in Martech – Cadiz (Spain).
“Use of a truncated conical tank to improve underwater acoustic experiments”
June 2014
Collaboration in paper in Underwater International Conference and Exhibition September – Rhodes (Greece).
“NeXOS objectives in multi-platform underwater passive acoustics.”
Dec 2014
Collaboration in paper in Sensor Systems for a Changing Ocean (SSCO), 2014 IEEE.
“Developong a new generation of passive acoustic sensors for ocean observing systems.”
May 2015
Collaboration in paper in I2MTC – Pissa (Italy).
“Multi-platform underwater passive acoustics instrument for a more cost-efficient assessment of ocean ecosystems.”
Jan 2016
Collaboration in Journal: Measurement.
“Smart Embedded Passive Acoustic Devices for Real-Time Hydroacoustic Surveys Corresponding.”
Spanish Mother Tonge
English B2
German B1
Value Added
  • Driver’s license and own car.
  • Willing to travel and relocate.


2009 – 2010
    • MSc in Information Technologies and Communications, Polytechnic University of Cartagena. School of Telecommunication Engineering.
2007 – 2008
    • Erasmus Scholarship at the “Technische Universität München” with performing “Diplomarbeit” in automotive area (Munich, Germany).
2003 – 2008
  • BSc Telecommunications Engineering (5 years degree) (Intensification on Telecommunications Planning and Management) at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena. School of Telecommunication Engineering.

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Languages M, Java, C, C++, C#, nesC, XML, Pascal, VHDL, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, CSS, Assembler.
Software Matlab, Xilinx, Orcad PSpice, Eagle, Autocad, Pamguard.
Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Project, Visio), OpenOffice.
CMS: Wordpress.
e-Commerce: Prestashop.
ECM: Alfresco.
ERP: Aqua eSolutions.
Virtualization: VMWare, VirtualBox.
Frameworks Tapestry, Java J2EE, .Net.
Protocols Can Bus.
Hardware Arduino, LPC4330-Xplorer Board, MicaZ, Imote2.
Ides Eclipse (Maven, PHP Development Tools), LPCXpresso, Visual Studio 2008, Dreamweaver
Systems Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Centos, Suse, Xubuntos), TinyOS, iOS.
Aditional Training
  • Scrum Manager® nº: 14981.
  • PRINCE2® Foundation Certificate in Project Management (2017). Certificate Number: GR656029706PR. Candidate Number: 9980075852453494.
  • Underwater Acoustics Course for Coordinators and Operators Tactical Acoustic taught by Submarine Electronics Corporation (SAES).
  • Course Programming in C # using Visual Studio 2008 taught by the software development company Danysoft, SL.
  • Course of Management Skills Development.
  • LEAN training.
  • German Courses (Grundstufe zwei und drei) at the Technische Universität München.
  • German courses (second and third enrolled) in the Official School of Languages of Spain.
  • Microsoft Office Project course taught by the Technology Center and Naval Sea.
  • AQUA eSolutions ERP Course taught by the Technology Center and Naval Sea.
  • Prevention Course taught by Occupational Risk Prevention Society FREMAP.
  • Practical introduction to the ARM Cortex-M Microcontrollers.

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